Netflix Eden 6 Vinyl Figures Wave 1 - A-37 (Clcb)

Netflix Eden 6 Vinyl Figures Wave 1 - A-37 (Clcb)


Netflix's Eden is set in a futuristic world solely inhabited by intelligent robots who have created a perfect utopian society.

Along with E92, the robot A37 has secretly raised a human baby who they accidentally discovered during a routine assignment.

A37 is a leader amongst the robots, despite her occasional anxieties.

Made in the "hang-tag" style of soft vinyl figures traditionally found in Japan, this figure stands 5.75" tall with three points of articulation, featuring a detailed sculpt that captures the style and attitude of the character.

Collect all three figures in Super7's first wave of Eden SuperVinyl figures!

  • Ages 14+
  • Country of origin: Vietnam

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